Finding My Passion

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My whole life all of my interests and future career goals have all been very similar and I could never put my finger on what I wanted to do exactly. In high school I didnt really focus too much on what I was going to do in college and then when that time came I just kind of picked something that seemed interesting. So, at the time that was Event Planning which I still think I could have made a career with, but being 18 it was not my main focus and I didn’t apply myself at all in school. So the next year I went into Business and I ended loving it but switching from Entrepreneurship to two different sections of Business. Which again, I did not officially finish any of those. I was still lost and ended up taking some time off and then became pregnant with my first son at 21 and then gave birth just after my 22nd birthday. Of course, since my partner was working and we were living with my parents I stayed home with him and then just after his first birthday I found out I was expecting my second child. I was not expecting or planning any of this and it was so incredibly overwhelming for myself and my family. But thank god I had my mother, my family, and my family in law because they helped me so much and I got so much advice and help that I was able to come out on top. So with a two year old and a newborn, I went to night school part-time. I have never applied myself to school or really cared to but after having my sons and knowing now more than ever what I expect from my own life and wanting to provide everything and more for them I focused and was so interested in my class. Going to school after a break is challenging but I think you’re much more prepared for what to expect and maybe aren’t in it to make friends or to really care if you have any friends. For me that was my main issue, and this time it was much easier to just keep my head in my books. And since I’m so passionate about my program it is fun and enjoyable and does not feel like work. I have taken a small break from my Interior Decorating program to take a Home Staging course since the two can definitely connect and it helps in this career to have knowledge in both. This I guess was more of a backstory and insight into my life and my new found career but I just hope if anyone is reading that they know it is never ever too late to go back or to learn something new. If you are not happy or satisfied with anything in your life you can always change and grow to get the life you dream of.

Dealing with Sick Babies

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My first son did not get sick with a bad cold or flu until he was almost two years old, BUT when he did my newborn also got it. Here I am, living at home with a household of sick people including myself, taking care of two sick babies. It was a very long and tiring couple of weeks but we all made it through and I now have tips and tricks that saved me.

  1. Keeping multiple blankets on their mattress; this way if he was sick in the night I could just take off one instead of the whole set of sheets. This also goes for the couch or whatever surface your baby is relaxing on during this sickness.
  2. PEDIALYTE! Since my toddler was throwing up, he wasn’t able to eat or have any milk. Therefore, he was lacking nutrients and was grumpy, my mother told me about Pedialyte. Once we gave him that he was completely changed, almost back to his old self. But it just made the sickness much more bearable and comforting.
  3. Babyvac, you can order these online! Hopefully, you are able to click on my link I included. This SAVED both my babies noses, basically, you attach it to your vacuum on the lowest suction and put the other end into the nostril. It is most useful om wet and runny noses. We did it right before bed, and it was much easier to get them down for the night. NOW, since this sickness my son has flushed a piece of the Nosevac down the toilet….. SO I’ve purchased the NoseFrieda, if anyone has used it please let me know what you think. I haven’t had to use it since I’ve purchased it but this one you suck with your mouth while the other end is in the nostril. This does sound very gross but there, of course, is a filter so nothing gets into your mouth. And if you have a sick baby I’m sure you’ll do just about anything to help them.
  4. My mom told me this continuously and I know that most people want this when they aren’t feeling well but, CUDDLES. Lot’s of love and cuddles, movies and toys, just anything that will help comfort your little one.

Contours Options Elite Double Stroller Review

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Pros and Cons list of the Contours Options Elite Double Stroller


  • Great underneath storage, side zippers for easy access
  • Comfort grip
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Smooth ride
  • The seats are easy to move around and take in and out for easier storage in the car or home
  • Each child has lots of room to sit and keep their own snacks or toys
  • Comes with one car seat compatible attachment, perfect for your second child. (If you have twins you can purchase a second) Any car seat can fit into this attachment.


  • Cup holder that comes with stroller does NOT hold anything, I am not sure if mine is faulty but I have lost at least 3 coffees, so I removed it.
  • If you want one child to lay back and the other sit up forget about it, both seats need to be reclined for this to work
  • Feels very large, even though it is not. (maybe because I started with a single stroller)
  • Sometimes the wheels get in the way when you’re trying to fold the stroller
  • It is slightly heavy to lift into a high trunk

Overall I think this is a great stroller and would most definitely recommend it, those are just a few things that I have noticed. And to be fair, no stroller has a good cupholder in my opinion. The storage baskets you can attach to the handle is the best thing I have found.

Spring Essentials 2017

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Some new items I’ve purchased for spring 2017. These are just a few of my favourite items, I will most likely purchase more. 


Converse All star Low Leather Amberlight Light Gold 

I ordered these limited edition nude collection Converse here, and think they are a PERFECT spring/ summer sneaker. I’ve seen these all over Instagram and they are exclusive to Office UK so I did have to pay for extra shipping to Canada but it’s 100% worth it. If you’re interested in these shoes you should grab them while you can!! 

Ralph Lauren Fahari Leather Ankle Boots


The picture does not do these boots justice at all! In person they are gorgeous and I cannot wait to style them in the spring! I purchased these from The Bay but I’m sure they’re sold at many other stores as well. They also have a zipper on both sides of the boot. Boots like these are classic, essential pieces you can wear for years and with so many outfits. Like jeans, dress pants, skirts & dresses; they work with fancy and casual attire. 


Zara Pink Leather Jacket 

I purchased this jacket before the winter and have worn it once or twice but I am dying for the spring when I can get a ton of use out of it! Like most of the items I purchase this can be dressed up or dressed down. It is definetly a showstopper and can transform any outfit. 

Mendocino Long Coat 

This long, oversized jacket is perfect for those colder spring days or when the weather is transitioning from winter to spring. It is so warm and comfortable and makes me feel very boho chic. 

Honey Loose Vest 

This is one of my favourite items as well, it can be styled so many different ways and is great for the effortless layered look. Im not too sure if this store is everywhere but where I live in Ontario there is a couple locations. It’s a super cute boutique with amazing items. honey; you can see all there locations on their website! 


AE Lightwash Skinny Jean 

American Eagle lightwash skinny jean, most of my current jeans are dark so I thought a light wash would be perfect for the spring! Especially with my new Converse and the Ralph Lauren boots. 

AE Super High Rise Jegging

These jeans are actually jeggings so they are SUPER comfortable and stretchy, plus since they are high rise they’re perfect for all those summer crop tops and flowy shirts. I think everyone needs a pair of jeans with holes in the knees! 


Zara Bell Sleeves 

I purchased both of these tops from Zara and even though they’re both bell sleeves they are very different. The grey sleeves are a symmetrical and I feel so pretty and girly in them even though the top itself is very casual. The pink one first of all is polyester but very soft and fuzzy, and the bell sleeves start higher up on my arm, above my elbow. I love them both equally and know I am going to get tons of use out of them! 


I’m going to stop here because I have some more items for a separate post. But if anyone is reading this, thank you!!

Organizing a Shared Kids Closet

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When I had my first child I was given SO many clothes for him, more then I could ever need! Lots of new and hand-me-down items, which is amazing. And he really did wear almost all of it. But I thought I’ll keep everything and once he’s too big I’ll sort through and decide what I want to keep and what I should donate. But I ended up holding onto everything just from getting so busy and then thought I’ll wait for someone else in my close circle to have a baby and then I’ll sort through, just in case. 

Well about a month before my sons first birthday, I was pregnant again!! I ended up having another son. So all the clothing I had stock piled could be used again. Now I have a 2 year old and a 6 month old. And they share a closet, a dresser and a cubicle shelf with 9 compartments. The mess is driving me crazy SO I’m going to reorganize it all. I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to show you how I organize! 

  1. Visualize your space; what are you working with 
  2. Figure out what categories you will have (pants, sweaters, tops etc.) 
  3. Draw out your storage spaces and write where you’re going to put each category. Ignore the mess but it’s just a nice visual to have. The top picture is my sons cubicle storage, then under what I will be hanging in the closet, then an IKEA fabric storage rack, and the final box is just extra blankets I’m going to put on the top shelf of the closet. 
  4. Now, sort through everything. 
  5. Put everything in piles (keep, donate & storage)

Note: The Ziplock vacuum seal bags are your best friend for optimal storage! 

Hopefully this helped some of you! I’ll be uploading pictures soon! 

Everyday Quick Makeup

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

I thought I’d show you guys my favourite everyday makeup products! 

I’ve tried MANY brands of dry shampoo and the Dove Refresh + Care definetly is the least chemical smelling. I have found with this dry shampoo it works best the day after it’s been applied!! And it works for days after. Versus other brands that need to be applied multiple times. 

My brows have been microbladed so they are usually all set but I need to go in for my touch up. So in the mean time I’ve been using the Maybelline Brow Precise to fill in my sparse areas. It’s so creamy for a pencil that once it’s blended it’s gorgeous! 

The next two products I use everyday for blemishes and for giving my skin a perfect clear glow. The concealer is Revlon Colourstay; I grabbed it quickly one day without checking the colour to carefully and it matches perfectly. I use a different concealer on night outs and for special occasions but for everyday this one works wonders. Along with the Rimmel Stay Matte translucent powder! This powder is very matte and lasts all day long. I do sometimes reapply but it normally lasts for a while with my primer and setting spray. 

Since it’s currently the winter I’ve been LOVING MAC’s Melba blush, a girl at the MAC store recommended it to me for my skin tone and I couldn’t be more impressed! I think everyone should definitely find a winter and summer blush that works for their skin because you don’t even need to worry if it works or not. It will always compliment you! 

Lastly, the Kat Von D Shade and Light palate, I know it is somewhat old but I’m still living it. You can clearly see what shades I use the most haha! 

That’s all!! I didn’t include eyeshadow or mascara because my eyeshadow changes every time I wear it and I normally don’t use it daily and I’m not loving any mascara currently. If anyone has any they’re loving let me know! 

Thanks xxo 

Watch me using these products here