Contours Options Elite Double Stroller Review

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


Pros and Cons list of the Contours Options Elite Double Stroller


  • Great underneath storage, side zippers for easy access
  • Comfort grip
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Smooth ride
  • The seats are easy to move around and take in and out for easier storage in the car or home
  • Each child has lots of room to sit and keep their own snacks or toys
  • Comes with one car seat compatible attachment, perfect for your second child. (If you have twins you can purchaseĀ a second) Any car seat can fit into this attachment.


  • Cup holder that comes with stroller does NOT hold anything, I am not sure if mine is faulty but I have lost at least 3 coffees, so I removed it.
  • If you want one child to lay back and the other sit up forget about it, both seats need to be reclined for this to work
  • Feels very large, even though it is not. (maybe because I started with a single stroller)
  • Sometimes the wheels get in the way when you’re trying to fold the stroller
  • It is slightly heavy to lift into a high trunk

Overall I think this is a great stroller and would most definitely recommend it, those are just a few things that I have noticed. And to be fair, no stroller has a good cupholder in my opinion. The storage baskets you can attach to the handle is the best thing I have found.

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