Finding My Passion

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


My whole life all of my interests and future career goals have all been very similar and I could never put my finger on what I wanted to do exactly. In high school I didnt really focus too much on what I was going to do in college and then when that time came I just kind of picked something that seemed interesting. So, at the time that was Event Planning which I still think I could have made a career with, but being 18 it was not my main focus and I didn’t apply myself at all in school. So the next year I went into Business and I ended loving it but switching from Entrepreneurship to two different sections of Business. Which again, I did not officially finish any of those. I was still lost and ended up taking some time off and then became pregnant with my first son at 21 and then gave birth just after my 22nd birthday. Of course, since my partner was working and we were living with my parents I stayed home with him and then just after his first birthday I found out I was expecting my second child. I was not expecting or planning any of this and it was so incredibly overwhelming for myself and my family. But thank god I had my mother, my family, and my family in law because they helped me so much and I got so much advice and help that I was able to come out on top. So with a two year old and a newborn, I went to night school part-time. I have never applied myself to school or really cared to but after having my sons and knowing now more than ever what I expect from my own life and wanting to provide everything and more for them I focused and was so interested in my class. Going to school after a break is challenging but I think you’re much more prepared for what to expect and maybe aren’t in it to make friends or to really care if you have any friends. For me that was my main issue, and this time it was much easier to just keep my head in my books. And since I’m so passionate about my program it is fun and enjoyable and does not feel like work. I have taken a small break from my Interior Decorating program to take a Home Staging course since the two can definitely connect and it helps in this career to have knowledge in both. This I guess was more of a backstory and insight into my life and my new found career but I just hope if anyone is reading that they know it is never ever too late to go back or to learn something new. If you are not happy or satisfied with anything in your life you can always change and grow to get the life you dream of.

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