Dealing with Sick Babies

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


My first son did not get sick with a bad cold or flu until he was almost two years old, BUT when he did my newborn also got it. Here I am, living at home with a household of sick people including myself, taking care of two sick babies. It was a very long and tiring couple of weeks but we all made it through and I now have tips and tricks that saved me.

  1. Keeping multiple blankets on their mattress; this way if he was sick in the night I could just take off one instead of the whole set of sheets. This also goes for the couch or whatever surface your baby is relaxing on during this sickness.
  2. PEDIALYTE! Since my toddler was throwing up, he wasn’t¬†able to eat or have any milk. Therefore, he was lacking nutrients and was grumpy, my mother told me about Pedialyte. Once we gave him that he was completely changed, almost back to his old self. But it just made the sickness much more bearable and comforting.
  3. Babyvac, you can order these online!¬†Hopefully, you are able to click on my link I included. This SAVED both my babies noses, basically, you attach it to your vacuum on the lowest suction and put the other end into the nostril. It is most useful om wet and runny noses. We did it right before bed, and it was much easier to get them down for the night. NOW, since this sickness my son has flushed a piece of the Nosevac down the toilet….. SO I’ve purchased the NoseFrieda, if anyone has used it please let me know what you think. I haven’t had to use it since I’ve purchased it but this one you suck with your mouth while the other end is in the nostril. This does sound very gross but there, of course, is a filter so nothing gets into your mouth. And if you have a sick baby I’m sure you’ll do just about anything to help them.
  4. My mom told me this continuously and I know that most people want this when they aren’t feeling well but, CUDDLES. Lot’s of love and cuddles, movies and toys, just anything that will help comfort your little one.