Everyday Quick Makeup

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


I thought I’d show you guys my favourite everyday makeup products! 

I’ve tried MANY brands of dry shampoo and the Dove Refresh + Care definetly is the least chemical smelling. I have found with this dry shampoo it works best the day after it’s been applied!! And it works for days after. Versus other brands that need to be applied multiple times. 

My brows have been microbladed so they are usually all set but I need to go in for my touch up. So in the mean time I’ve been using the Maybelline Brow Precise to fill in my sparse areas. It’s so creamy for a pencil that once it’s blended it’s gorgeous! 

The next two products I use everyday for blemishes and for giving my skin a perfect clear glow. The concealer is Revlon Colourstay; I grabbed it quickly one day without checking the colour to carefully and it matches perfectly. I use a different concealer on night outs and for special occasions but for everyday this one works wonders. Along with the Rimmel Stay Matte translucent powder! This powder is very matte and lasts all day long. I do sometimes reapply but it normally lasts for a while with my primer and setting spray. 

Since it’s currently the winter I’ve been LOVING MAC’s Melba blush, a girl at the MAC store recommended it to me for my skin tone and I couldn’t be more impressed! I think everyone should definitely find a winter and summer blush that works for their skin because you don’t even need to worry if it works or not. It will always compliment you! 

Lastly, the Kat Von D Shade and Light palate, I know it is somewhat old but I’m still living it. You can clearly see what shades I use the most haha! 

That’s all!! I didn’t include eyeshadow or mascara because my eyeshadow changes every time I wear it and I normally don’t use it daily and I’m not loving any mascara currently. If anyone has any they’re loving let me know! 

Thanks xxo 

Watch me using these products here